She writes music, poetry, and articles.  She sings.  She dances - mostly alone, but sometimes in a crowd.  She heals, as we all naturally do.   She loves deeply and fully.  She believes in God and in people. She serves the mission. She knows her worth. She discovers herself, her likes and dislikes, over and over.  She says yes, to trusting herself and to trusting God.  

She innovates.  She transforms.  She creates.  

& She Codes.



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I write about learning to code & my experience as a black woman joining the tech industry. I also feature women and people of color who code. 

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PHOTO BY #WOCintech chat

PHOTO BY #WOCintech chat

Looking for a hack-a-thon in the area? An opportunity to volunteer? Other professionals in your specific industry? I'm listing an writing about the events in LA I see! 

& She Codes: Tutorials 

Tutorials is Swift Coming Soon! 


“I'm learning to code to empower myself and people who look like me to have a seat at the table of tech innovation.” - Olamide Olatunji

Header Photo by Bethlehem Dereje.