It all started when...

I jumped. I worked at an amazing start up in New York City. I was gaining experience as an Quality Control Ops specialist. I developed skills in training & development, and I project managed a $100,000 budget for a 100 staff person event in Chicago. My coworkers were (and still are) my close friends. Everything was great, but...something was missing.

Start up culture was alluring to me because of the cycle of Innovation we moved through: Ideate. Implement. Inform. Iterate.  But for me, the cycle stopped short at ideation. My ideas were just that, ideas. Without the hard skills to implement them, I felt that my seat at the table of innovation wasn't guaranteed. So what did I do? I learned to code. I threw myself into a 12 week immersive to learn iOS Development and to empower myself and people who look like me to take claim of our seat at the table of innovation. I took those skills coupled with my experience and have since started building career in the industry I fell so deeply in love with. 

This blog is quirky, full of truth and many, many comedic breaks happens that way! Follow along with me on my journey of breaking into the tech industry as a woman of color.