Tips for the Average Gal On Decorating a Small Bedroom

I finally completed step one of decorating my room and I'm so pleased! For any new readers...or honestly just anyone who knows me at all, I'm not the decorating type. I am not one of those women who knows the best products or understands how fabric should feel. I'm your typical, 'I bought these jersey sheets for $19.99 at Walmart' type of gal. But finally signing the lease on my own place in Los Angeles with my roommate Deborah changed things. Deborah is...real. I don't know how else to put it. She has bedtime routines. She has the best skincare products. She can cornrow and cook. I like to call her the head of the our household. One thing that my roommate and I do have in common? Taste. I want my life to look like it came out of Living Spaces, just not at that price. So Deborah and I decided, to get the room that we really want, we'll have to take our time. And we did. 

No like we really did. After three months, I'm only now starting to understand the theme I want for my room. Some important details. My room is small. Not New York Apartment small. But definitely smaller than most I've seen in LA. To be fair I have a great wall length mirror, in which I take many a selfie. But I wasn't sure how to position my Queen-sized bed and how to make the most of the space. Obviously, I took to pinterest for inspiration. And I decided I wanted a seaside feel since we're so close to the beach. I chose colors first: turquoise and seafoam green and white. You might be saying "yikes...white?" I know. I'm known for eating all of my meals in bed, but I was willing to change my life for my bedroom aesthetic.* The other thing I was sure about was that I would only spend a lot of money on my bed. Quality and comfort were a priority. Everything else I wanted to be affordable. And it was!

Here are some tips I learned that helped me design Stage 1 of my room...

Think vertically! Save wall space with a skinny but long book shelf like Lack. This IKEA bookshelf was only $49.99 but it packs a punch by giving you enough shelving room for a medium sized book collection without taking up too much space. Instead of buying three individual lengthy shelves for $24.99 each, I saved $25 and bought one tall book shelf that looks better than I could have hoped!

LACK  - ikea

LACK - ikea

Repurpose outdoor furniture! I bought Molger because I knew I wanted seating area in front of my bed. One of my rules is that you don't put your outside clothes on my bed. Just don't do it. This rule has loosened up since I moved to LA and know folks aren't coming straight off the subway, but it still impacted how I designed my room. This bench was only $39.99 vs. the $200 lengthy/cushiony benches I was seeing everywhere else. I draped a $20 target throw over it and voila, issa look! 

Molger  - ikea

Molger - ikea

Steal the living room furniture! No really. The white side table was originally in our hallway but one day, Deborah went away to London for two weeks. During this time I basically stole the side table and put it in my room. It's still there. 

Lindved  - ikea 

Lindved - ikea 

Be brave and drill a hole! I've never put up curtains in my life. It always felt like advanced design skills. I rationalized that with the question 'what do I really need curtains for?' Unfortunately because I positioned my bed against the window, my pillows - all ten of them - were hitting the blinds and my neighbors could practically see everything I did from the apartment's courtyard. So, challenge accepted, I bought a curtain rod. And then six weeks later, I put it up. This curtain rod was only $8.99! The curtains themselves were $20 each from target But it turned out beautifully! 



Get a signature item! The wooden piece in my room has a story. My name is Olamide, pronounced Oh-La-Me-Day. People seem to have a hard time with pronunciation (even though its phonetic) so I often tell them "My name is Olamide like Oh Happy Day" and hence, I bought the art for $25 from Target

oh happy day wood flushmount  - target

oh happy day wood flushmount - target



Other Tips:

#LightItUP I put up clear lights above my bed. Cheesy? Maybe, but at night it's definitely a vibe. They were $5.00 from Walmart 

#PillowTalk I got an assortment of pillows from target and TJ-MAXX. Non-pro tip: TJ Max always has sales on pillows. I got three pillows for $20.00 vs. One for $20 at Target. Go to TJ-MAXX.


And VOILA the final product! 


Even though I had significant help (thanks Deborah), I now like to think of myself as a young Bobette, Bobette the builder that is. I'm definitely still planning to put art work on my walls, and maybe even storage units. Have some suggestions? Drop me a line! I need your help. 


*please note I still eat on my bed, I just put a blanket down as a placemat.